What are your vision needs?

Do you spend your days in front of a computer? Or behind the wheel of a car?  Do you struggle to read the texts and emails on your phone?

What do you want your eyewear to say about you?

Are you timeless & classic?     Stylish & fashionable?     Elegant & sophisticated?    Athletic?   Fun & full of personality?     All of the above?

Our highly trained eyewear stylists and opticians will provide you with an eyewear selection process unlike any you’ve had before; creating a customized frame and lens combination that will enhance the way you see the world and the way the world sees you!

So, where to start?

Our EYEGLASS GUIDE is a useful tool to start planning your next eyewear purchase.  Simply click the link below to begin your questionnaire, then print your results and bring them to your exam:

EyeGlass Guide